Pan-fried Tofu

When I first came to Korea, I used to get lunch provided at my school and one of my favorite meals was rice, with pan-fried tofu and dried seaweed.  I remembered thinking how bizarre it all was that this was my favorite meal when I would never have considered eating something like it in Canada.  These days, I even cook it at home.

Here’s how to pan-fry some tofu:

1. Drain a block of firm tofu well and cut into 5cm thick slices.  Salt and pepper both sides, flipping it carefully.

2. Heat up a non-stick or cast iron frying pan with some oil until hot.

3. Add tofu carefully and fry until brown on the first side.  Flip only once and then cook until brown on that other side.

Here are some meal combination ideas:

1. Put it on top of a green salad.

2. Make “bibimbap” with the tofu, rice, gochu-jang and whatever veggies or side-dish stuff you have in the fridge.

3. With seaweed and rice, of course.

4. Use it in place or pork or beef in Korean BBQ, with the lettuce wraps and side-dishes.

It’s equally delicious hot or cold so it’s perfect for taking for lunch at work. Check out This Can’t Be Tofu! for even more recipe ideas.


Bean Sprouts and Tofu


A quick and delicious dinner.  In my organic box, I got some bean sprouts and sesame leaves, so I decided to go semi-Korean style.  First, I loosely followed a recipe I found online and made Korean Bean Sprout Side-dish.  It was super easy and took about 10 minutes.  To make it more delicious, of course I used lots of fresh ground pepper.

Then, I cooked up some rice (from Homeplus) and washed the sesame leaves.  Finally, I fried up the tofu over medium heat, and a generous amount of oil.  I first seasoned it heavily with sea salt and the fresh ground pepper.

I took a bit of everything, wrapped it up in the leaf and then popped it into my mouth for Korean flavor deliciousness!  Yum.  Healthy and delicious.