Baked tortilla chips for your hummus

You’re perhaps wondering what you can use to scoop up that delicious homemade hummus of yours.  A good option is homemade brown bread, but if that’s too much work for you, there’s an even easier solution: baked tortilla chips.

It’s really quite simple.  Just go to Costco and get the jumbo bag of tortillas (or you can buy them at the local mart as well usually, but they’re quite expensive).   Then, cut them up into triangles and lightly brush them with olive oil.  Add some salt, or another spice or two if you’re feeling adventurous.  Something like cumin is good for hummus.  Then bake in the oven on medium heat until crisp.  Check frequently because it’s quite easy to burn them.  You can store them for a few days in an airtight container, but make sure you let them cool first.

(image from Whatthecraft)

tortilla chips


Homemade Brown Bread

Brown BreadDelicious bread is not that easy to find in Korea; it’s often too sweet and just the basic white bread.  If you can find it, it’s really expensive.  But, don’t worry!  It’s super-easy to make it at home if you have an oven.

I got almost all the ingredients on Iherb, but a few things from the regular supermarket.  Here’s how you do it:

1. Mix some water water with a bit of sugar, salt and oil.  Add some yeast.  Let get bubbly, about 10 minutes.


2. Mix in some white flour, brown flour and flax seeds (I used all organic from Iherb). Knead until stretchy, adding more flour if necessary.  Set in a warm place and let rise until double in size.

3. Knead again and shape into a loaf.  Set in warm place and let rise again until doubled.

4. Bake!

That’s it.  How easy!


Stove-top Popcorn

imagesStove-Top Popcorn is one of the cheapest, quickest snacks you can make.   And it’s really easy too!  Here’s how you do it:

1. Get a thick-bottomed pot with a lid.

2. Put some oil  into it, enough to cover the bottom.  I use canola oil for best results.  Olive Oil does NOT work well.

3. Put some popcorn kernels in, turn on the heat to medium and put the lid on (I order my kernels from Iherb).

4. Listen carefully and when you hear popping, shake it every couple seconds so that it doesn’t burn.  When the popping stops, turn off the heat and add some salt.

5. Enjoy!  My friends love this stuff and it always dissapears in about 10 second at a party.