Salt and Vinegar Chips

Did you know that the fabulous Iherb has some delicious junk-foody things that are very hard to find in South Korea?  Yes, it’s not all about the health stuff on Iherb.  Some of my personal favorites include:

Salt and Vinegar Chips, Organic Coffee,  Bacon Ranch Dressing,  Organic Chocolate, and organic Jelly Beans.  Yes, it’s not home-cooking in Korea, but it is a lot of deliciousness!

Salt and Vinegar Chips

Smoothie Grain Mix

I’m a big believer in people eating a wide variety of food because our bodies weren’t really designed to eat the same 10 things each week.  I try to do this in 3 ways:

1. When I eat out at Korean restaurants, I literally eat almost every side-dish (banchan) that comes along with the main meal.  Oftentimes, it’s random mountain herbs or seaweed or some other “strange to the Westerner” type thing, but I eat then anyway.

2. The organic box.  Lots of random Korean green and other veggies each week!

3. My smoothie grain mix.  I order lots of different stuff from the most fabulous Iherb and then I mix them up in a Ziplock bag in order to save time when I make my green smoothies in the morning.  I’ll just add a couple tablespoons if I’ll be able to eat lunch at a normal time, or 4-5 if I have class during lunch and will have to eat late.

In this current mix is: oatmeal, hemp hearts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds.  Healthy and delicious!Smoothie grain mix

Immune Punch Super Powder!

In an effort to gain numerous superpowers, including not getting sick, I’ve been eating lots of really healthy food.  Recently, I noticed that this Madre Labs Immune Punch Powder was 40% off on Iherb (and with free shipping to Korea until May 15th!), so I decided to give it a try.

I’ve been mixing it in my smoothies for the past few days and can’t say for sure if it’s effective or not.  I’ll probably never know with any degree of certainty, but feeling good for now!  Here’s hoping for a spring and summer of not getting sick.

Shopping at the Local Marts and Markets

I know a lot of the expats in Korea  are quite devoted to Costco and Homeplus, but it’s actually quite expensive to shop there all the time, especially Costco.  That place is kind of dangerous because the quantities are so big and if you live alone, you just don’t need that much food and you’ll probably end up not eating or throwing out some of it.  Plus, it’s really tempting to buy junk food from back home just because it’s familiar.

What’s my strategy?  Check out the local marts.  They won’t have things like import wine, cheese or nice cuts of meat like steak, but they will have all the basics that you need including fruit/veg/milk, etc and often for cheaper than the bigger marts.

Then I shop at the local 5-day market for things like fresh whole chickens, banchan (Korean side dishes), kimchi, fruit and vegetables.  They’re perfect for buying whatever is in season like strawberries or watermelons (which I cut up and freeze to use in my breakfast smoothies).

Then, I keep a list for the big stuff that I need like cheese, wine, pasta sauce, oil, meat, laundry detergent, etc. and I’ll go to the Homeplus around once/month to stock up.

Welcome to Home Cooking in Korea

It really is easy to cook delicious meals at home in Korea, even Western style ones if you know where to look for ingredients.  It ends up being much cheaper and healthier than eating out all the time.  My secrets are:

1. Gmarket– anything and everything can be found here, including convection ovens.

2. Iherb– this is the site for all things healthy, and vegan or vegetarian in Korea.  Plus, you can find a few hard to find treats like organic chocolate or Salt & Vinegar chips.

3. Costco–  This should be your go to source for meat, cheese, wine and processed Western food.  And, they have outrageously delicious food in their food-court.

4. Wwoof Csa– Who doesn’t love organic food delivered straight to your door?  I sure do.  It comes once/week and contains all the vegetables and eggs that I need for the week.  Healthy eating at a good price.

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