Smoothie Grain Mix

I’m a big believer in people eating a wide variety of food because our bodies weren’t really designed to eat the same 10 things each week.  I try to do this in 3 ways:

1. When I eat out at Korean restaurants, I literally eat almost every side-dish (banchan) that comes along with the main meal.  Oftentimes, it’s random mountain herbs or seaweed or some other “strange to the Westerner” type thing, but I eat then anyway.

2. The organic box.  Lots of random Korean green and other veggies each week!

3. My smoothie grain mix.  I order lots of different stuff from the most fabulous Iherb and then I mix them up in a Ziplock bag in order to save time when I make my green smoothies in the morning.  I’ll just add a couple tablespoons if I’ll be able to eat lunch at a normal time, or 4-5 if I have class during lunch and will have to eat late.

In this current mix is: oatmeal, hemp hearts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds.  Healthy and delicious!Smoothie grain mix

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