Coffee at Home

You’ll find that coffee in the coffee shops here in Korea is generally quite expensive as compared to North America, especially at the big chains.  You can get cheap coffee at places like McDonalds or Lotteria, but it usually won’t come with things that you think are obvious, such as milk or sugar!  It’s usually just easier to make it yourself at home.  To do that, just get yourself  a coffee maker on Gmarket  for around 25 000 Won and it’s easy enough to find coffee filters at any of the supermarkets.  It’s quite easy to register on Gmarket and shipping is often free but  you’ll need some basic Korean language skills to do this though.

Next step is to head over to the most fabulous Iherb and get yourself some organic and ethical fair-trade coffee.  My 2 favorites are: The Breakfast Blend and The Rainforest Blend.  You can buy both of them ground, or not but in my opinion, it’s way better to grind the beans yourself.  You can buy a good quality, but cheap grinder at Costco, or check around on Gmarket.

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