Stone-Crop Salad

Stonecrop saladKoreans are all about foraging in the forest for random roots and herbs and other assorted things, which I’m always impressed by.  If I actually knew what I was looking for, I’d be out there with them too.  One of my favorite meals is when I go hiking and then eating some San-Chae (mountain vegetable) Bibimbap, complete with the 30 or so side-dishes or deliciousness.

Anyway, continuing along with the theme of random Korean vegetables, this one is “stone-crop,” which came in my Wwoof CSA organic box a few weeks ago.  Whenever I get the random greens in the box, I usually just mix them in my green smoothies in the morning, but this one’s taste was too strong and a bit bitter to do that.  I truly had no idea what to do with it, but thankfully found this recipe for stone crop salad online, which I loosely followed.  It was quite delicious and I would actually consider buying some stone-crop at the store!

Most of the stuff was from the regular Grocery store or the organic box, except for the following Iherb stuff: Fresh Ground Black Pepper, and Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

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