Healthy Breakfast on the Go

Although, it’s not really “cooking,” I try to eat a green smoothie at least 5 days/week.  It’s an amazing way to start the day off right with a plethora of fruit and veg.  I blend up the following in my blender ( a cheap one that I bought off an expat who was leaving for $5 about 7 years ago):

From Iherb

Greens Organic-Green Superfood Powder

Pumpkin Seeds (alternates with almonds and walnuts)

Almond Milk (sometimes I use yogurt)


From Costco or Homeplus

Fruit-whatever is on sale or in season-blueberries, strawberries, bananas, kiwis, watermelon, peaches, etc


From my organic box

Green leafy vegetables, usually spinach but I’ve also tried lots of other stuff too and with decent results.  Just avoid the bitter ones.


1. Make sure you process the fruit/veg first before you put it in the freezer (ie: cucumbers and strawberries.  Cut off the stems, get them into manageable chunks)

2. You can put more leafy greens in than you think.  You’ll get used to the taste.

3. Add water to get it to blend well.  A little almond milk or yogurt goes a long way.

4. If you have a long day and it will be a while until lunch, add extra nuts/oatmeal so that you’ll stay full longer.

photo (1)




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