Welcome to Home Cooking in Korea

It really is easy to cook delicious meals at home in Korea, even Western style ones if you know where to look for ingredients.  It ends up being much cheaper and healthier than eating out all the time.  My secrets are:

1. Gmarket– anything and everything can be found here, including convection ovens.

2. Iherb– this is the site for all things healthy, and vegan or vegetarian in Korea.  Plus, you can find a few hard to find treats like organic chocolate or Salt & Vinegar chips.

3. Costco–  This should be your go to source for meat, cheese, wine and processed Western food.  And, they have outrageously delicious food in their food-court.

4. Wwoof Csa– Who doesn’t love organic food delivered straight to your door?  I sure do.  It comes once/week and contains all the vegetables and eggs that I need for the week.  Healthy eating at a good price.

Follow the blog for recipes, meal ideas and fabulous ingredients finds.


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